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timevision one of the leading time attendance supplier in Dubai. we provide excellent time attendance machine and software easily calculate total employee attendance report in various specification. if you are looking best and excellent time attendance supplier in UAE. timevision one of the best time attendance with cloud based software solution company.


Timevision is one of the leading time attendance system supplier in Dubai. Our technical team suggest an excellent time attendance device. We provide time attendance software for employee attendance management system. Easily capture first in and last out time of employee attendance registration. Time attendance device installed in office all employee fingerprints and face recognition are registered in time attendance device. All details registered manually via a time attendance machine. All employee in and out time records trigger from time attendance machine time attendance software are installed customer PC all employee report are easily capture via time attendance machine and time attendance software. Timevision developed time attendance reporting software all employee attendance report easily you can get pdf or excel sheet format. All employee in and out time with shift assign getting all data’s from attendance machine. Timesuite software easily you can get all employee attendance report with specific description of work schedule like as late in office, early out in office, over duty calculation, holiday and vacation leave calculation report, ramalan month attendance duty hours change all data’s are capture easily with help of time attendance device and software. timevision excellent fingerprint time attendance supplier in Dubai. are you looking biometric time attendance supplier in your requirement timevision best place you go to.fingerprint time attendance supplier

device name : Virdi-U-Bio X pro lite


  • prime face and fingerprint recognition terminal.
  • high performance ambient light detection. Illumination up to 30,000Lux.
  • high speed face and fingerprint verification
  • patented fake fingerprint detection and face detection
  • 5″ inch LCD display and touch screen.
  • Android 4.0 based intuitive GUI
  • 1.0 GHZ quad core CPU
  • 2MP CMOS camera used to strong help of low light conditions.
  • maximum 50,000 face and fingerprint template are access.
  • device dimension 150x203x130 (WxHxD) all dimension are in mm
  • optical fingerprint type are used. easily capture all employee attendance with2 water and dust detection are available.
  •  16GB memory are used stored all employee fingerprint and face templates
  • fast recognition method easily capture all employee’s face and fingerprint.




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