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timevision one of the excellent biometric time attendance supplier and installation company in UAE. we provide excellent time attendance system software. you can easily calculate total employee attendance report with in seconds. cloud based software lot of features available. biometric time attendance system widely used all industry. Easily manage time attendance system.


are you looking biometric time attendance machine-time attendance system supplier and installation company timevision one of the leading and excellent company in UAE. we provide world leading biometric time attendance machine in your requirements. we provide two software’s first one is biometric time attendance software and another one is time attendance reporting software. you can calculate all employee attendance report with second. time attendance devices are widely used all industries and sectors. main objective of time attendance installation is improve office employee work potential and increase office revenue by systematically. time attendance devices are easily capture all employee in and out time with every day. and you can calculate total attendance report based on payroll system. if you want specific employee name and ID, late in employee reports, early out employee out reports you can easily find out with in seconds. time attendance machines are connected with LAN-network TCP and IP connectivity available. timevision provide timesuite web based time attendance software. automatically generate mail option you can easily find daily attendance report in your registered mail ID. Looking for a Great Time attendance System Supplier in Dubai? Get in contact Now.biometric time attendance

Device name : Zkteco Horus time attendance machine

The trend of Visible Light Facial Recognition technology has brought user experience of biometric technology to a new height. As one of the biometric industry leaders, launched the second-generation facial recognition terminal.

support on plentiful communication protocols (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth) and worldwide network setting, optional fingerprint and RFID card modules, up to 10,000 facial templates capacity, and is compatible with the all-in-one security & time attendance. we provide effective time attendance software for attendance management. you can easily connected with local area network. and Wi-Fi. all attendance reports are trigger from device time attendance software easily via IP address. horus one of the leading and economic and updated time attendance machine.

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