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magnetic lock bracket | exit button | door access control machine system


timevision provide excellent biometric door access control system with access control software. Biometric door access control system installation company – Our Team excellent Services To Meet Your Needs. To Record the Employees in and out Time and Control the Door with Secure all times.


door access control machine system

magnetic lock bracket door access control system widely used all commercial and offices areas. easily ensure your office security. touchless exit button installed inside office area and door access control machine system easily detect authentic person biometric fingerprint id and unique RFID card electrical chip-code.

timevision one of the leading Access control machine system supplier and installation company. are you looking biometric door access control machine. you are landing correct place. timevision provide world leading door access control machines. it has been capture every employee unique fingerprints, face recognition and RFID-cards. Electro magnetic locks are connected with door access control machine once you can punch automatically door will open. door access control ensure your office security and control your employee’s attendance registration with help of time attendance software. access control system connected with electromagnetic lock, door bells, exit button and alarm are connected. timevision technical team provide excellent time attendance and access control system in your requirements.

magnetic lock bracket

electromagnetic locks are installed door access control system. magnetic lock are easily resist the holding forces 280 kg or 350 lbs. easily connected to low volt AC power current. The advantages of using door access cards with magnetic lock bracket are numerous. Firstly, the system provides a secure environment for businesses by ensuring only authorized people access specific areas. Secondly, the programmed features of RFID cards can be customized to fit the needs of specific businesses. In addition, the system enhances the convenience of staff or employees as they can access different areas within the premises quickly. Lastly, the system reduces the expenses that businesses incur due to lost keys or physical locks. touchless exit button improve door access premises.

Device name – Access Control System Invixium sense-2

one of the excellent biometric door access control device. optical fingerprint sensor easily capture all employee fingerprints and detect duplicate fingerprint punch’s. multiple authentication methods are available fingerprint and all types of RFID-card acceptable. Invixium one of highest biometric system manufacture. ensure your safety all times with excellent biometric access control system.

Features of device

ARM core processor are used

  • 1 GB flash memory easily stored large fingerprint template
  • android OS – operating system are used
  • 2 speakers and microphones are inbuild
  • two way communication are available
  • door access control device dimension 200x40x50 all dimension all are in mm
  • low voltage power supply 12V DC current

timevision provide door access control machine system software. it has control door access with authentic persons. every employee in and out time are registered with access control software you can easily calculate every employee attendance reports. door access control it can easily control door access with authentic persons.


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