Biometric time attendance in Dubai Zkteco BioproSA30

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Product name : Biometric time attendance Zkteco BioproSA30


BioPro SA30 is the first time attendance and access control terminal applying the most advanced SilkID technology. It doesn’t only possesses outstandingly high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough finger, but also provides the utmost security by its live finger detecting well as photo taking function which enables attendance photo and Photo ID(optional). fake id detection available easily capture all employee attendance registration with in seconds. high speed fingerprint verification technology easily ensure your attendance registrations all times. time attendance in Dubai

Device features

  • 2.5 Inches TFT screen. easily ensure attendance registrations
  • living object detection functions available
  • multiple verification modes are available. fingerprint, IRIS-face recognitions and RFID cards (optional)
  • Full access control features are available. magnetic lock, exit button and door bell and alarm connection are available in this device.
  • camera function captures the photo and id optional
  • slick ID fingerprint sensor are used easily detect duplicate fingerprints.
  • more than 3000 fingerprint templates available
  • RFID-cards templates optional

If you are looking time and attendance device with door access control device in your offices biopro SA-30 excellent device. easily capture all employee fingerprints. slick ID fingerprint sensor high speed recognitions and detect duplicate fingerprint punch all times. ensure your office security all times and increase your office employee duty hours and revenue with time and attendance system. this machine help to all employee attendance registration and control door access all times.


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zkt bio pro sa 30

timevision provide effective software for manage time attendance system

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