What is a door access control system

 Door access control systems are digital security systems that ensure authorized access to your building. They ensure only authorized person are entering your building while keeping unauthorized person out.

At the same time, door access control systems simplify entry to your building. Employees and other personnel no longer have to carry keys or unlock doors the old-fashioned way. You can issue users convenient forms of entry like employee fingerprint, employee facial recognition  card keys, mobile app barcodes, and more.

Biometric readers:

These readers require users to scan their finger print, palm print, face, etc. to gain access to a building. These are known as the most secure forms of door access control because a fingerprint can never be mistaken for someone else’s.

Magnetic locks:

 Magnetic locks are stronger than traditional door locks, which adds security to your building. Additionally, they are extremely durable, long-lasting, and cheap to purchase.

Exit buttons:

You can add a button (“push to exit”) to the inside of your door which releases the lock and allows you to exit.

Facial Recognition System

  Facial recognition system is used in door access control. This technology used to detect and verify the person

Features and specification of Door Access Control system in 

  • Timevision provide effective software for door access control system
  • Increase the security of your place to multi fold by allowing only authorized people’s access your network
  • Affordable
  • Very accurate
  • Saves cost
  • Increase your credibility among your customers
  • Very fast and captures your details in seconds
  • Like in traditional systems there is no need to change your locks when your employee resigned and easily delete their access and they cannot enter your secured area
  • Reduces energy bills and protect the environment
  • Physical identities like fingerprint, iris, voice and hand geometry.

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