Biometric time attendance machine zkteco f-18

timevision one of excellent time attendance system installation company in Dubai. we provide excellent biometric time attendance device with attendance management software based payroll attendance management system

Biometric time attendance device features

Device name : Biometric time attendance machine zkteco f-18

  • TFT Color Screen
  • Full Access Control Features
  • Slim and Elegant Design
  • we provide time attendance software software (attendance management software developed by time vision)
  • connect with access control device.


Device name : Biometric time attendance machine Zkteco f-18

Description :

F18 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for time attendance with access control application. Offered unparalleled performance by using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. click here further information. biometric time attendance machine easily capture employee in and out time with help of unique employee fingerprint. timevision provide excellent attendance reporting software and device communication software. you can easily calculate total employee attendance report with pdf or excel sheet format. all employee attendance report various category available late in employee and early out employee attendance report total absent specific employees. you can easily manage attendance payroll system with help of attendance management device and software. time attendance software widely used all offices and industry.

You can improve your employee work potential and increase your office revenue all time with time attendance machine. timevision more than 10 years experience in time attendance installation in various sites and industry our technical team support and suggest excellent and suitable time attendance device and software in your requirements. are you looking best time attendance machine with affordable price you go timevision. all employee daily, weekly and monthly attendance report easily download via time attendance software. automatic mail generate options are available in time attendance software. finally you can easily capture employee in and out time with office hours. timevision one of zkteco, virdi and invaxium time attendance supplier in Dubai. we provide excellent features time attendance device with your requirements. Now a days all employee attendance registration and calculation systematically. Time attendance system help to easily calculate total employee attendance with in and out time. Time attendance system can easily improve your office employee work times. Easily calculate your attendance registration with the help of the attendance system. Various types of attendance authentication methods are available like biometric fingerprint, face-IRIS recognitions, attendance registration based on location with help of google map. Timevisions provides an effective and excellent time attendance system in your office requirements.

Additional information

Zkt eco f-18

We time suite software for attendance management
time suite software developed by timevision. Especially for attendance management system

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