RFID punch card door lock system | RFID card access control


RFID card access control system is highly reliable, with few maintenance requirements. These systems are built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, and because there are no moving parts, there is little risk of mechanical failure. This means that businesses and facilities can enjoy secure access control without worrying about system downtime or maintenance costs


RFID punch card door lock system

An RFID punch card door lock system is a type of access control system that uses RFID technology to grant or deny entry to a secured area. The system consists of a card reader that is programmed to recognize and interact with RFID cards or tags. The tags are embedded with unique information that the reader uses to identify and authenticate the user. This type of access control system is common in workplaces, schools, and other organizations that need to restrict access to specific areas. RFID punch card door lock systems provide a secure and efficient way to manage access, monitor entry and exit times, and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas. RFID punch card door lock system widely used all companies and industries timevision security system installation provide world excellent access control machine and solution. RFID card access control ensure your office security and door access with authentic employees.

punch card door lock system

punch card door lock system is a secure and efficient way to control access to restricted areas. This system works by using RFID cards, which contain embedded microchips that can be read by a card reader. These cards are given to authorized personnel who need access to certain areas of a building or facility. unique fingerprint ID and IRIS-face recognition system also used door lock system. two way audio and video communication is available in door lock control system.

RFID card access control

  • unique receiver and transmitter inbuild installed in access controller
  • card access control system widely used all industries
  • you can easily control door access premises with sensitive and hazard areas
  • unique fingerprint, RFID-card, IRIS face recognition access control machine are available
  • you can easily find out cyber security door access reports. ex., employee name, door access in and out time, automatically report generated registered mobile number and email address
  • every employee in and out time are register to access control data base. you can easily calculate first in punch and last out punch of employee attendance reports
  • punch card door lock system is its high level of security – RFID cards are difficult to duplicate, making it much harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access to restricted areas
  • RFID card access control systems require multiple levels of authentication, such as a PIN code or biometric data, further increasing security
  • unique RFID card easily transmit the signal from transmitter and receiver continue reading



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