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timevision one of the leading gate barrier supplier and installation company in Dubai. we provide leading barrier gate system in your requirements. our technical team provide range of reliable automatic barriers. Gate barriers can provide added security to a site. we are one of the BFT gate barriers-maxima ultra gate barrier supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. We also repair and maintenance of gate barrier in UAE. timevision


are you looking BFT gate barriers supplier and installation company in your requirements. timevision one of the excellent maxima ultra gate barrier supplier in UAE. we provide world leading bft gate barrier system in your requirements.  Timevision one of leading BFT gate barrier supplier in UAE. Bft maxima ultra-supplier have large wide gate barrier. It includes 230V three phase motors and inverter and controlling wide range of 4m to 8m arm. Barrier opening variation time is 5 to 8 sec. maximum gate barrier arm length is 8m. this bft gate barriers maxima ultra-supplier is suitable for moment large vehicle areas. We are supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

product name : automatic barrier- maxima

230 V three phase mechanical motor are easily control up to 8 meter wide range arm. highly suitable for long wide range barrier system, large car parking areas, motorway toll gates and industrial installation. barrier arm opening and closing smoothly with help of mechanic gear motor. BFT transmitters are highly and rolling code system completely secure your parking areas all times. different codes are running same function options are available. easily multiple receiver connect signal with specific frequency. oil gear box easily dismantle and great durability. oil gear box control the depreciation with opening and closing condition.

improve gate barrier smoothness during barrier gate acceleration and slowdown. barrier arm opening time below 2 seconds based on barrier arm length. two way receiver inbuild installed barrier gate system. oil bath internal lubrication ensure barrier system durability. mechanical locking system are ensure your parking safety all times. mechanical moment with crack to make the gate barrier operator smoothly and harmoniously all times. 230 V mechanical barrier gate controlling 6 meters wide range and barrier arm opening time below 2 seconds. high frequency moment area used for maxima gate barrier system. timevision one of the maxima ultra gate barrier supplier. we provide simplified programming and scenario display. continue reading

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BFT maxima ultra gate barrier

bft maxima ultra gate barrier supply 30/60/80
large wide upto 8m

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