CCTV camera installation has become a crucial aspect of security for both residential and commercial all industrial properties in Dubai UAE. The installation process requires meticulous planning and implementation to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness. There are numerous CCTV companies in Dubai that offer professional cctv installation services. Timevision security system one of the SIRA approved company. we provide varying levels of expertise, equipment options, and prices. To get the best cctv installation Dubai services, it is important to choose a company that has a good reputation, experienced technicians, and uses high-quality cameras and equipment. Additionally, proper maintenance and regular system upgrades ensure sustained performance and effectiveness. With professional cctv installation, one can enjoy peace of mind and a sense of security knowing their property is protected at all times.

Timevision security system one of the SIRA – approved security system installation company we provide world leading security system equipment’s and installation. Dubai police certified technical team suggest excellent security cameras based on SIRA regulation. If you are looking SIRA approved security system certified in your property. Timevision one of the best place. Our working range from residential, commercial, hotel, warehouses and all types of factories as per security system guidelines. Timevision provide cctv coverage area and SIRA-approved drawing before execution of work. You can easily monitor offices, residential, commercial and industrial areas in your mobile phones with help of cctv camera installation.

Uses of installation

  • Easily monitor your office activity
  • Ensure your safety at all times.
  • Crime prevention
  • Residential and commercial activity monitoring
  • All areas surveillance system
  • Enhanced face detection with specialized cameras
  • All activity stored and prevented all times.

Bullet cameras are widely used in all surveillance systems. Probably outdoor unit this type of suitable. Fixed 6mm to 10mm lenses inbuilt cameras and 6o degree angle covered with surrounding.

Dome cameras are good resolution cameras for indoor type cameras. Cameras easily capture 120% identification view and also improve your indoor aesthetic view.

PTZ pan-tilt-zoom cameras. easily control with remote. These are one of the professional CCTV cameras with high resolution easily access with your system or mobile phones. No physical moment automatically moved rotate and tilt. Connected to a digital video recorder.

IP cameras these widely used in all industries. All cameras should have a specific IP address. Usually connected with local area network LAN.

Wireless security cameras are used in home surveillance systems. Very quick installation without any type of data cables. Only. Easily connect with WIFI connections. if you are looking excellent cctv camera installation company timevision one of best place.

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