Fixed Bullet Network Camera (Out Door Camera)

Are you looking for a reliable CCTV camera installation company in Dubai? As the city continues to grow, ensuring the safety and security of your premises has become increasingly important. From protecting your business or home to monitoring suspicious activities, CCTV cameras can prove to be an invaluable asset.


Are you looking CCTV camera installation companies in Dubai. timevision one of the excellent fixed bullet network camera supplier and installation company. security system installation essential of every industrial, commercial and residential sectors. timevision one of the SIRA approved CCTV installation company we provide SIRA-certified CCTV cameras and installations. fixed bullet network cameras are widely used all industries easily connected with local area network and you can access anywhere with mobile application and desktop applications. widely out door – bullet cameras are used because camera lenses are covered with wide area with specific angles and specific resolutions.

Device name :  DS-2CD1023G0-I 2 MP Fixed Bullet Network Camera (out door camera)

excellent quality and 2 mega pixel resolution cameras and efficient H.265 compression technology are used you can easily analysis human faces with 120% identification view of entrance areas. camera lenses are easily adjust with specific angles and pan tilt and rotate with specific degrees. high level final output are obtained from security cameras with help of camera lenses and resolutions. DS-hikvision serious mostly suitable for out door type because highly resistance with water and dusts. advanced 2.0 infrared technologies are inbuild installed easily you can detect  long range images. progressive scan image sensor are used to capture moving object with out any discrepancy and errors. because of model CMOS-technology easily detect object moving motions. wide dynamic range- camera lenses covered with 10 meters of path area with high level conditions. maximum resolutions are 1920×1080 pixcel we can easily find out clear image with out any moving motion.  timevision one of leading CCTV camera installation companies in Dubai. our well trained and SIRA- approved technical engineers and supervisor are suggest excellent security camera with NVR and DVR as per SIRA law. if you need NOC certificate from SIRA our engineer teams are  provided approved SIRA NOC certified. we provide SSD and SVG drawing based on site investigations and SIRA requirements. fixed bulled network camera easily detect with specific resolutions. continue reading


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