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Welcome to the world of digital workforce management! Technology has improved employees’ attendance management system. time and attendance system widely used all companies and industries sectors. you can easily find employee attendance report based payroll transactions. timevision one of the excellent time attendance machine and attendance reporting software installation company.


best biometric time and attendance system widely used in all industry sectors. attendance punching device easily capture every employee attendance report with date and time. biometric time and attendance system  ensure your office employee work potential energy. calculate every employee attendance report with lot of specification and features. the new model of zkteco facekiosk device with 5G network WIFI access device suitable for government offices and private sectors. Temperature and mask detection available this device widely used in corona pandemic. employee palm access and mask detections are available in this device. attendance punching device are easily installed and cloud based attendance management software used to payroll attendance management system.

you can control employee in and out time access with attendance punching machine. Time attendance machine installation essential for every business now a days. You can easily find out every employee attendance report with in seconds. Attendance registration and payroll transaction can easily be done with the help of a biometric time attendance machine and software. Timevision provides time attendance reporting software. A lot of features are available in this software. Main objective of time attendance installation improve office work duty hours effectively and manage attendance payroll system. zkt-facekiosk device user friendly and 15 inch screen easily control employee and visitors. print out the label of in and time of visitor timing and multiple verification modes are available. you can easily find out visitors employee in and time. device are connected to local area network TCP/IP and wifi options are available. our cloud based time attendance software installed to your office PC and you can access anywhere. 15 inch touch screen and 1090×2000 pixel image quality. 2GB RAM and 16 ROM are inbuild installed stored all employee attendance report data and fingerprint, face template data’s. android 9.0 operating system are inbuild installed you can access easily. are you looking best biometric time and attendance system timevision one of the best place you go to.  continue reading




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Zkteco face kiosk

large number of employee registration available in single device
all feature is available in same device
multiple verification mode is available
improve office interior aesthetic view

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