Biometric fingerprint time attendance machine- time attendance system

  • PUSH: Real time HTTPS communication. Data is sent encrypted to ensure protection and security.
  • Combined T&A and Access Control features.
  • Event management function keys
  • Elegant and robust keyboard design
  • we provide timesuite software for attendance management


timevision one of the leading biometric fingerprint time attendance machine supplier and installation company in Dubai. we provide excellent world leading time attendance machines in your requirements. time attendance system widely used all offices and industries. easily capture all employee attendance report with in seconds and manage total employee attendance report. timevision developed time attendance software. time attendance reporting software you can easily find out late in and early out employee reports. biometric time attendance machine easily improve your office employee work potential energy all times. all human resource officers recommended biometric time attendance machine easily improve your office work schedule and you monthly revenue. attendance monitoring system help to ensure your office employee attendance reports. if look best time attendance machine supplier in UAE. timevision best place you go to. we have more than one decades experience in biometric time attendance machine installation fields. we suggest excellent and best price including all features device in your requirements.

Device Name : Zkt Eco I-Clock700

Description :

IClock700 is a 3.5-inch TFT screen Time and Attendance and Access Control Terminal. With user-friendly firmware, iClock700 is equipped with features like stunning GUI, more stability, faster matching speed and better expandability. smooth data transformation between device from your PC. time attendance reporting software installed your PC. easily you can find all attendance reports. are looking time attendance with door access control device I clock700 best economic device in your requirements. easily connected with magnetic lock, push button, door bell. more than 8,000 fingerprint template installed with single device. 4 inches TFT screen with multiple features are available. below one second verification speed you can easily control employee attendance registration. Device dimension are 250x170x50 all dimension are in mm – compactable with economic time attendance device. if you are looking time and attendance with access control device I clock 700 one of the best and suitable time attendance machine.

Additional information

Zkt Eco I-clock 700

Timevision provide Timesuite software for attendance management system
software developed by timevision llc

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