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timevision one of the leading time attendance system and biometric time attendance system supplier in Dubai. we provide time attendance software for attendance management software and attendance tracking mobile application. easily calculate your office employee attendance report with in second in excel or pdf format. our IT support team edit attendance registration, shift assignments, over duty, ramadan hours edit in this software. lot of features available in this attendance management software.


Time attendance machine and biometric attendance system widely used all industries, companies and warehouses.time and attendance system Various types of time and attendance machines are available on the market. timevision one of the virdi time attendance supplier in Dubai. Easily registered all employee attendance with employees’ fingerprint and face recognition. Easily capture all employee attendance registration with first in time and last out time as per office duty hours schedules. Easily monitor all employee attendance registration with the help of time and attendance system. You can easily calculate total employee attendance report within a second. Office total employee more than five thousand our technical team suggest effective and excellent time attendance machine like as Zkteco, Virdi, Hikvision, invixium, and HID. Basically, attendance machine varied from total quantity of employees and attendance recognition method. Timevision provide a one-year warranty for all-time attendance machines.Now a days all employee attendance registration and calculation systematically. Time attendance system help to easily calculate total employee attendance with in and out time. Time attendance system can easily improve your office employee potential energy in all times. Easily calculate your attendance registration with the help of the attendance system. Various types of attendance authentication methods are available like biometric fingerprint, face-IRIS recognitions, attendance registration based on location with help of google map. Timevisions provide an excellent time and attendance system in your office requirements. time attendance software help to easily calculate total employee attendance report with in secondBiometric attendance system

Verdi time attendance widely used all industry easily capture employee attendance registration. our team provide excellent time attendance management software for attendance management system. easily edit total employee attendance shift registration and over duty time, special event.

display size – 5″ inch LCD with touch screen

OS-operating system – Android 6.0

fingerprint sensor type – optical sensor type

fingerprint storage capacity – 500000 (one fingerprint per user)

face storage capacity – 20000 (face per user)

Dimension (WxHxD) – 150x208x57 all dimension are in mm

Memory – eMMc 16GB+8GB and 2GB RAM


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