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security camera installation has become a crucial aspect of security for both residential and commercial all industrial properties in Dubai UAE. The installation process requires meticulous planning and implementation to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness. . Timevision security system is one of the SIRA approved company. we provide varying levels of expertise, equipment options, and prices. To get the best cctv installation Dubai services timevision one of the best place.


The importance of CCTV camera installation Dubai protecting your business and Home. This post can discuss the benefits of installing CCTV cameras for security purposes in Dubai, addressing common concerns and highlighting best practices for installation. CCTV camera installation mandatory for every industries and sectors. timevision provide excellent and world leading CCTV camera’s. main objective of CCTV camera installation monitor office and residential areas all times. new update of Dubai municipality all building should be installed and maintenance CCTV video surveillance system as per security law of SIRA. camera installation used to monitor and record videos to have evidence.

product name : WDR fixed turret network camera

hikvision one of the world leading security surveillance provider company. high quality image and 2mp wide dynamic range with resolution. easily capture moving object with specific mega pixel. hikvision provide excellent H.265 compression technology you can easily zoom image without reduce image qualities. wide dynamic range (WDR) capacity used capture moving object with low lighting levels. back light due to 120 dB true WDR technology. water and dust resistance lenses coting inbuild installed. all cameras are easily connected with local IP and LAN network with specific ranges. user friendly hikvision mobile application provided you can watch anywhere with internet connections. day and night switches features are available easily detect low light conditions. hikvision camera’s approved by SIRA – Dubai and Sharjah police as per security surveillance system. maximum resolution 1920×1080 clarity image we find out from DVR or NVR. lenses aperture value 2.0 easily capture image with specific light conditions. all types of network protocol adopted with specific IP-address. rotate mode, image saturation, brightness adjust, contrast implementations, sharpness and white balance setting are available. self adoptive ethernet port are inbuild installed easily connected from switches to security cameras. are you looking excellent cctv camera installation Dubai timevision one of the best place. continue reading

Additional information

WDR camera

WDR – Wide dynamic Range
Turret camera – also called eye ball camera
these type of camera designed with ball and socket design.

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