door access control installation zkteco biopro sa20

timevision one of the excellent door access control installation company in Dubai. we provide excellent access control machine. easily ensure your office safe all times. access control machine RFID card with fingerprint and face recognition available.

  • RFID with fingerprint door access control device
  • large fingerprint templates available
  • BioID Fingerprint Sensor
  • Full Access Control Features
  • Built-in auxiliary input
  • We provide effective software for door access control
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Device name : door access control installation Zkteco biopro sa20


timevision is one the leading door access control installation. we provide BioPro SA20 is a time attendance and access control terminal with advanced BioID technology which minimize the interference occurred during fingerprint verification and infrared technology that enables the device to function automatically when fingerprints are detected, reducing unnecessary electrical usage thus saving energy. easily ensure your office security all times and control unwanted person entry your office areas. timevision provide excellent door access control software you can easily control all door access machine with single cloud based software. all employee fingerprint and face recognition registered single door access control device easily capture and access door with unique id. Timevision provide RFID card, face, fingerprint and palm vein recognition access control in your requirements. magnetic door access control system widely used all office and commercial areas. We provide zkteco, hikvisions, honeywell and virdi world leading door access control system in your requirements. All time ensure your office security and easily manage door access with authorized person. Best access control system your requirements the place go to timevisions. access control machine widely used all companies and industry. easily control authentic person door access with access control machine. our technical team suggest excellent door access control device with software. we provide unique RFID card with every employee easily access door with second. electro magnetic lock and push button are installed the specific door. some case time attendance device and door access control connected single device once employee entire the office first punch its called employee attendance in time easily control employee in and out time during office hours. time attendance and door access control software easily improve your office employee attendance with proper time and increase potential work energy and increase office revenue.

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