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Are you looking BFT gate barrier supplier in Dubai. timevision one of the best place. we provide world leading gate barrier system in your requirements. our well trained technical team suggest excellent and suitable barrier gate system in your requirements. barrier gate system widely used all industries and sectors. ensure your parking safety all times. automatic parking barrier gate system easily improve authentic person gate opening access all times. The gate system we are looking for should have an automatic barrier with the ability to control access, a remote control station, and an RFID card reader. We are primarily interested in improving the security of our facility and having a modern solution that can help us better manage traffic.

Timevision one leading bft gate barrier supplier in Dubai. Bft giotto barrier serious with 230V power supply process. With include three phase motors and inverter. Fast opening of 3m arm at 2 second and 6m arm at 4 second. Giotto gate barrier widely used in heavy flow vehicle areas. This giotto gate barrier suitable for fastest opening gate barrier entrance. We recommended office entrance, warehouse, parking areas, security areas, private villa. especially suitable for continues opening barrier gate systems. inbuild installed U-board control board and LCD display. complete management of all features and setting.

Features of GITTO barrier system

  • especially suitable for intensive usage
  • more than 5,000 operation in 24 hours
  • opening time below 4 seconds and arm length connected up to 6 meters
  • personalized key used manual gate opening if emergency cases
  • 120 volts electro mechanical barrier operator
  • barrier arm led lights are visible day and night times
  • RFID card and UHF card and remote access available
  •  loop detector easily capture remote sensor
  • additionally added gate barrier arm (if required)
  • loop detector installed barrier opening in and out areas
  • photocell sensor easily detect all objects and ensure gate barrier safety
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Additional information

BFT gitto gate barrier 30/60

Fastest opening gate barrier
Recommended for heavy vehicle flow areas
opening time 2 second to 3 second only

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