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Timevision security system one of the SIRA – approved security system installation company we provide world leading security system equipment’s and installation. are you looking security system supplier in Dubai timevision one of the best place you go to.


CCTV camera installation has become essential of every residential and commercial industrial property in UAE. main objective of motorized security camera system provide excellent security in all times with out any physical requirements. implementation of maximum security in your property. are you looking security camera supplier. . timevision security system is one of the SIRA approved security system company. we provide varying levels of security cameras with expertise, equipment options, and prices. To get the best CCTV security camera supplier and installation Dubai, it is important to choose a company that has a good reputation, experienced technicians, and uses high-quality motorized security camera system and equipment.

Device name : motorized security camera – varifocal bullet network camera

hikvision one of the world leading security camera installer. 4 MP varifocal bullet network camera widely used all industries entrance and exit areas. easily capture every person face 120 percentage identification view with out any error and discrepancy. motorized varifocal lenses are inbuild installed it can used easily capture moving object interference and clear imaging against strong backlight conditions. wide dynamic range (WDR) – technology are used to lowlight condition due to 150 dB. excellent image compression provider. we can easily zoom the image up to 4 mega pixel with out damage of image. water and dust resistance are provider. extra coting are inbuild installed camera lenses. 4mp lenses are used to we can easily focusing human and vehicle target images with out any discrepancy. cameras maximum resolutions are 2688×1520 easily you can stored and edit human and vehicle targets. day and night light conditions are inbuild installed you can easily adjust night conditions with dB levels. cameras lenses are pan 0 to 360 degrees, tilt 0 to 90 degrees and rotate 0 to 360 degrees adjustment easily before installations. fixed IRIS sensor inbuild installed and supplement light range from 60 meters. video compression, main stream and sub stream recording option are available. continue reading click here

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