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time attendance installation widely used all industries and sectors. timevision one of the leading and excellent time attendance supplier and installation company. we provide time attendance reporting software. you can easily calculate every employee attendance report based on payroll system. various shift assign, over time calculation, late in and early out reports are easily update with time attendance system.


Are you looking fingerprint time attendance system installation company in Dubai. Timevision one of the leading fingerprint time attendance machine installation company. biometric time attendance system widely used all industries and sectors. easily calculate every employee attendance report based on payroll system. timevision developed attendance system reporting software you can easily every employee’s various attendance reports download in pdf and excel sheet format. time attendance machine impro your employee working hours and increase office revenue all times. main advantage of biometric time attendance device installation improve employee’s attendance accuracy, various shift assign and over time-OT hours. web based time attendance software you can easily access anywhere in your PC. biometric time attendance machine price based on features of time attendance device and companies. timevision provide world leading time attendance machine with affordable price.

Device name : Zkteco speed face H5L

  • Multi-speed recognition device. easily control high volume employee attendance registration ( employee in and out time)
  • Visible light facial recognition – used to low light conditioning cases
  • Supplement light condition adjust brightness.
  • 2mp wide range camera inbuild installed
  • Wide pose angel acceptance
  • Employee’s mask detection available and temperature analysis available
  • Multiple verification mode is available face, fingerprint, RFID card
  • Supplement light and additional brightness
  • Device communication IP, TCP and WIFI available – easily connected with local area network
  • Door access control accessories- magnetic lock, exit button, alarm and door bell option are inbuild installed
  • Linux operating system are used
  • More than 6k photos templates
  • Face capacity 6k
  • Fingerprint capacity 10k
  • RFID capacity 10k
  • 5-inch-wide screen
  • speed face device working video

Technology has revolutionized traditional ways of employee attendance monitoring, and your business can’t afford to be left behind. One of the most innovative and secure ways to monitor employee attendance is through a fingerprint time attendance system. are you looking affordable time attendance machine price. timevision one of the excellent attendance system installation company. continue reading

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Zkteco speed face H5L

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