Time Attendance System in dubai

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Time Attendance System in dubai


Time attendance system in dubai: We provides many benefits to organizations. It enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours. It helps control lab or costs by reducing over-payments, which are often caused by transcription error, interpretation error and intentional error. Manual processes are also eliminated as well as the staff needed to maintain them. It is often difficult to comply with labor regulation, but a time and attendance system is invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Your data can be easily copied and pasted to other applications
  • Hugely reduces time spent managing staff attendance
  • Eliminates paperwork and the risk of making errors while tracking attendance on paper
  • Secure SSL certificate for your peace of mind
  • Records are kept safe and confidential
  • Current and previous years’ records are available in an instant
  • Configurable, multi-level, management approval system
  • Users can easily view their individual leave summaries for the year

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