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door access control installation company are you looking? you are landing correct page. timevision one of the excellent biometric door access control installation and supplier. our software developer team introduced new door access control software you can easily manage door access with specific time and date. electromagnetic lock ensure your office security all times


invixium access control system

invixium access control system ensure your office security all times. biometirc door access control machine widely used all offices and commercial area’s. timevision provide world leading magnetic door locks access security devices and software. fingerprint and face detection invixium access control system ensure your access security. the access security system also allows for centralized control of personnel access, which provides real-time tracking of personnel movements. This feature ensures that the authorized individuals can only access the designated areas while unauthorized people are kept out. With real-time tracking, businesses can monitor and respond to any security incidents as they happen. This technology ensures greater transparency, accountability, and control over the premises’ security measures.

magnetic door locks

magnetic power lock used glass door, metal door and wooden doors. power full magnetic lock are connected to 12v DC power current and resist 120kg (600lbs) holding forces. your offices are protected by magnetic door locks. reverse current process are connected to push button, remote controller. another parallel connection connected to fire alarm safety panel. emergency door opens automatically access all employees. magnetic door locks are connected to door access control machines.

magnetic locks specification

  • corrosion resist product
  • aluminum shell adopt and high durability
  • green and red led light are indicate open and close the door
  • 280kg and 600Ibs resistance power produced
  • magnetic lock dimension 30x7x6.5 cm and weight 1.76 kg

access security

door access security essential for all industries sectors. Firstly, the access security system provides a secure environment for businesses by ensuring only authorized people access specific areas. Secondly, the programmed features of RFID cards, fingerprints and face-detections can be customized to fit the needs of specific businesses. In addition, the system enhances the convenience of staff or employees as they can access different areas within the premises quickly. Finally, the access security system reduces the expenses that businesses include due to lost keys or physical locks.

Features of door access security

  • easily door access with authentic persons
  • employee in and out time managed by attendance management software
  • door access with fingerprint, face detection and RFID cards
  • specific timing and specific shift assign options are available
  • door access controller connected to more than doors with access control machine
  • access security system in one of the digital security system
  • all main doors are monitor by door access control software
  • total employee attendance registration are calculate by attendance reporting software
  • magnetic lock with door access security ensure your security
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