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door access card control systems provide a comprehensive security solution for different businesses. This technology ensures a high level of security, convenience, and cost-saving, making it a worthwhile investment for any business owner. By using door access cards, businesses can prevent the risk of unauthorized access, providing greater peace of mind and enhanced security measures.


 door access card control system

biometric door access card control system control your office safety and door access premises. easily control employee in and out time with office duties hours and unwanted person door access easily detected. invixium access control devices are widely used all industries. multi-level fingerprint algorithm used easily control duplicate fingerprint detections, ensure your office safety with invixium access control. door access card control systems are an essential security feature that has gained popularity over the years. The technology used in the system ensures that unauthorized personnel do not access certain areas without authorized access. One such technology is the invixium access control, which uses multiple built-in sensors to ensure the individual accessing the area is authorized. The access control system is easy to install and can be customized to fit in different locations. With this technology, businesses can improve security measures and protect their premises from potential intruders.

access card control system

The door access card system works with the use of RFID card door access control. The RFID card is an electronic card that contains user information that allows access to specific areas. RFID cards are easy to use and can be programmed with different access levels, allowing the cardholder to access only authorized areas. The RFID card door access control system allows access to the authorized personnel to enter the premises by swiping their card to open the door. This system eliminates the need for a manual lock and key, ensuring quick access, and higher security levels. real time data pushing from device to access control software you can easily find the employee details.

invixium access control

The door access card control system also allows for centralized control of personnel access, which provides real-time tracking of personnel movements. This feature ensures that the authorized individuals can only access the designated areas while unauthorized people are kept out. With real-time tracking, businesses can monitor and respond to any security incidents as they happen. This technology ensures greater transparency, accountability, and control over the premises’ security measures.

device specification

  • 4-Arm cortex  processer are used
  • android OS and 1 GB RAM are inbuild installed
  • modern fingerprint sensor are used. easily detect duplicate fingerprint sensor
  • you can easily calculate first in and last out employee details
  • large employee registration and data storage available
  • timevision provide web based door access control software easily control employee door access and our software development team optimize employee door access time and attendance registrations.
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