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Timevision provides world leading time attendance machines. Which one is suitable for your company’s environment. Various types of time attendance machine are available in the time attendance system market. biometric fingerprint registration, IRIS-Face recognition registration, RFID cards available.


fingerprint attendance system

The fingerprint attendance system or commonly known as the fingerprint attendance machine system, is an advanced technology used in offices and schools for punching time attendance. This system has replaced the traditional way of attendance keeping, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. The fingerprint attendance system operates on biometric technology, which means that it captures the fingerprints of the employees or students and stores the data electronically. The recorded data allows the time attendance supplier to monitor the attendance of the employees or students accurately. This system has reduced the chances of buddy punching and has improved the overall efficiency of the attendance-taking process.

fingerprint attendance machine

attendance machine supplier are you looking. timevision one of the leading time attendance system supplier in UAE. we provide world leading time attendance machine zkteco, invaxium, hikvision, verdi. timevision IT-developed team provide new payroll attendance management software. you can easily calculate employee attendance report, over time calculation, various shift assign, late in and early out. you can easily access the software  anywhere. all time attendance device are connected in same IP-address.

Device name: Zkteco proface X-3d structural facial recognition system help to easily analysis employee face with low light quality. Model specification available in proface X device. device easily connected with local TCP/IP connection and Wi-Fi. low light range face detection available. fully upgrade version and 9.0 android. large quantity fingerprint, face recognition, fingerprint template are stored device. easily connected with door access magnetic lock, bull button, exit button you can easily connected door access with time attendance machine. Timevision provide time attendance managements software for attendance management. Easily calculate total working hour with specific in and out time. more than ‘n’ – number of devices connected with time attendance reporting software you can easily calculate payroll attendance management report. continue reading

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