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timevision provide excellent time attendance machine with attendance reporting software. attendance reporting software excellent features are available. employee first in last out, various employee shift assign, medical and annual leave detection you can easily find  employee attendance log report with help biometric time attendance system.


timevision one of the leading fingerprint time attendance machine supplier in UAE. we provide excellent time attendance machine system in your requirements. now a days time attendance machine widely used all industries sectors. office employee in and out time you can easily capture with help of biometric system. if you are looking time attendance device with attendance reporting software timevision one of the best place. we provide cloud based time attendance reporting software you can easily find out every employee attendance registration and monthly reports based on payroll system. different types of fingerprint time attendance machine verification used to easily capture employee in and out time.

Device name: Zkteco G4 Pro TI

G4 pro time attendance device are fully updated and android 9 version. adding excellent time attendance verification features are available like as employee palm registration, mask-face detections. this device completely designed for 5G networking you can connected access local area network with TCP and IP connections. G4-time attendance machine fulfil UAE region market attendance reporting needs. face detection fingerprint time attendance machine. 5G compatible attendance device and easily connected to local area network and WIFI connections. scanning of mobile application OR code option are available. easily you can use for door access control with time attendance devices. magnetic lock, door push button, alarm and bells are inbuild connection are available. employee mask detection face are available.

Features of device

  • Compatible with 5G network
  • Multiple verification available face, fingerprint, RFID card.
  • Mask face detection available
  • Body temperature detection available
  • Face template registration capacity 30k
  • Fingerprint registration capacity 50k
  • RFID card registration capacity 50k
  • Palm registration 30k
  • 7 inches touch screen easily access all employee details
  • door access magnetic lock and push button, alarm system connection available
  • time attendance device easily connected to cloud based attendance reporting software.

are you looking fingerprint time attendance machine supplier in Dubai. timevision one of the leading excellent time attendance machine system supplier. we provide cloud based attendance reporting software easily connect with attendance punching machine with help of device IP-address. continue reading click here

Additional information

Device name: Zkteco G4 Pro TI

lot of features available in Zkteco mechanical device
mask, temperature and palm detection available in this device
we provide effective time attendance software

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