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One of the most significant factors in maintaining the safety and privacy of such areas is the gate barrier. A gate barrier is an automated security gate that regulates access to restricted entry points such as residential complexes, commercial buildings or parking lots. Are you interested in enhancing the security of your property and parking areas timevision provide you with valuable insights into gate barriers.


boom barrier system easily ensure your parking safety all times. are you looking boom barrier gate supplier installation company in Dubai. timevision one of the best place. we provide world leading parking boom barrier system in your requirements. parking boom barrier system widely used all industries and sectors easily access the vehicle entry. different types of barrier gate system widely used. automatic number plate recognition, loop detector, RFID cards, UHF cards detector and remote sensor receiver capture signal from transmitter. parking gate motors easily installed parking gate structure. our well trained technical team suggest excellent gate barrier system and barrier gate motors in your requirement.

Product name : came card LT14Boom barrier supplier

24 volts DC adopter with advance controller inbuild installed. highly made for intensive use of 300 cycle per hours. gate barrier arm made by galvanized steel and led light are front and back visible. control board connected with came application software. high visibility signal at top of arm beam. gate barrier arm extension up to 6 meter if required. barrier gate opening time below 4 seconds. GLT40AOS-automatic barrier with irreversible gear motor easily operate barrier gate system and intensive barrier opening speed high. encoder based moment control easily detect object while gate barrier opening time. inbuilt installed magnetic limit switches. are looking Boom barrier supplier installation company in your requirements timevision one of the best place. Consider investing in one today to safeguard your premises and provide a secure environment for your employees and visitors. the installation of an automatic gate barrier system is a wise investment for any organization looking to prioritize safety and security.  Timevision offers top-of-the-line boom barrier systems tailored to your specific needs. With the ability to control vehicle access and provide reliable parking safety, an automated security boom barrier gate system is an essential component in restricting entry to restricted areas. continue reading

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We provide 4m width of arm
we provide effective software for door access control
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