BFT Parking gate barrier solution-Automatic parking barrier gate

Are you looking gate barrier installation company in Dubai. Timevision one of the leading gate barrier installer in various site condition. gate barrier installation is a significant investment for parking facilities that provide increased security, controlled access, and efficient parking management. we are one of the gate barrier supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. We also repair and maintenance of gate barrier.


Timevision one of the leading BFT Parking gate barrier solution company in Dubai. We provide effective Automatic parking barrier gate in your requirements. We provide world leading BFT,CAME, FAAC gate barriers. BFT Parking gate barrier solution ensure your parking safety all times. Main objective automatic parking barrier gate installation is  manage the parking space properly and prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering a gate barrier system. Gate barriers are an efficient way to control access to a parking space and ensure that only authorized vehicles can enter.

BFT gate barrier are widely used in UAE. BFT Maxima untra-36 120 EX4 gate barrier easily maintains in your site. Parking Arm length 2m to 6 meters. High frequency three-phase asynchronous motors are used easily opening and closing with 0.4 second to 2 seconds approximately. maxima gate barrier designed by wide range operation. especially suitable for large parking areas, toll both, high frequent moment vehicles usage areas. gate barrier arm adjustable with different lengths. control panel, loop detector, controller and receiver inbuild installed barrier gate system. automatic barrier gates equipped with telescopic boom arm that allows directions exchanging according to site applications. single phase asynchronous gear motor easily control with up to 6 meters arm length. oil bath with hear box unit easily control wear and tear of barrier system. mechanical shaft ensure soft opening and closing of barrier gate system. easily accessible dual function- two way car access with single gate barrier controller. gate barrier system needs to be programmed correctly. The programming is tailored according to the specific requirements of the facility to ensure that the system operates smoothly. The programming also ensures that the gate barrier system integrates with any existing security systems, such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, and automatic number plate recognition systems. parking barrier system ensure your parking safety all times. are you looking gate barrier installer and supplier in UAE. timevision one of the excellent place you go to. continue reading

Gate barrier name: Maxima untra-36 120 EX4

Features of gate barrier

  • Professional electromechanical barriers.
  • Opening time depend upon gate arm length approximately 0.8 second to 1.2 seconds.
  • High frequency three-phase asynchronous motors are used
  • Designed for a wide range operating condition
  • Gate barrier Arm length 2 meters to 6 meters
  • LED light green and red color available in arm
  • Electrical power invertor available in gate barrier
  • Easily access to dual entrance


Additional information

Maxima untra-36 120 EX4

gate barrier opening time 0.4 second to 2 second approximately based on gate barrier arm length
gate barrier arm length 2m to 6 meters
easily access with remote and RFID card contact us get quote and gate barrier system in your requirements

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