Automatic barrier gate system-Boom barrier system

timevision one of the leading and excellent gate barrier system installation company in UAE. we provide best gate barrier system with affordable price. our technical team suggest effective barrier gate in your requirements.


Timevision is one of the leading Automatic barrier gate system installation companies in Dubai. We provide an excellent boom barrier system in your requirement. The barrier system easily controls parking traffic and ensures your parking safety all the time. Timevision provide different gate barrier systems in your requirements. automatic gate barrier widely used all parking areas and residential and commercial industry. Timevision is one of the SIRA approved security system installations and we provide an automatic number plate recognition system. Varifocal and motorized cameras easily capture authentic car number plate and automatic barrier open system in various sites. long range reader and loop detector are installed nearby the parking gate. RFID cards easily capture signals from gate entry vehicle. Our technical team suggests an excellent and best gate barrier system for your requirements.Boom barrier system

Device name : Giotto ultra 36 barrier gate system


  • Barrier opening speed from 1 second to 3 seconds.
  • Suitable for large parking areas, vehicle access points and industrial gates.
  • High degree of moment control with help of electro motor. Easily ensure gate barrier depreciations for all times.
  • Integrated control unit with U-link connectivity. Wide range accessories.
  • Gate barrier remote and RFID cards are provided.
  • All vehicles number plates are easily captured with the help of motorized varifocal cameras as per SIRA regulations.
  • Gate barrier system widely installed all commercial and residential sectors. Barrier gates differ in functions. Some barrier opening speeds below 2 seconds its high suitable for heavy traffic areas.
  • gate barrier system ensure your parking safety all time and with our security guard.
  • easily control unwanted vehicle entry in your parking areas. motorized camera easily capture all vehicle with number plate.
  • continue use frequency easily control vehicle traffic all times.
  • speed adjustment and smooth operation
  • integrated upper part of the beam. easily maintain all times. different types of barrier arm used.
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