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Automatic gate barrier system installation company – Boom barrier system

Timevision provide high reliable and functional gate barrier system for your security purposes. A boom barrier also called as boom gate. explore our range of high-quality boom barriers and gate barrier system designed for effective access control and traffic management. Trust us for reliable and durable solutions. supplier of parking gate barrier in Dubai, UAE reliable parking gate barrier in Dubai from timevisions.


timevision one of the leading automatic gate barrier system installation company in UAE. we provide world leading boom barrier system in your requirements. automatic gate barrier system ensure your parking safety all times and control parking vehicle access. One of the most significant factors in maintaining the safety and privacy of such areas is the boom barrier system. automated security gate barrier system installation that regulates access to restricted entry points such as residential complexes, commercial buildings or parking lots. different types of automatic gate barrier system installation company timevision. various type barrier system used in barrier gate installation field.

Product name : BFT-Gate barrier remote controller (MITTO)Boom barrier system

433 MHZ remote for automatic gate barriers, garage doors and other automated device. complete range of remote control. for safe transmission use the roll coding system. manage the command completely secure with remote control ranges. when transmitted key ( remote press) command send to remote control panel with different cods each times identifiable transmitter only accepted by control panel. the algorithm generated then prevented codes. all remote control gate barrier system based on microprocessor technologies. transmitter and receiver technology are inbuild installed gate barrier system. if you press remote control automatically rays are passing through receiver easily identify authentic remote signal and opening barrier gates. long range detector, loop detector, transmitter and receiver are inbuild installed parking gate barrier installation. we provide highest level technology and ensure your parking safety. remote control working principle watch video

automatic gate barrier system is a wise investment for any organization looking to prioritize safety and security. Timevision offers top-of-the-line boom barrier systems tailored to your specific needs and With the ability to control vehicle access and provide reliable parking safety all times. automated security gate barrier system is an essential component in restricting entry to restricted areas. It’s crucial for organizations to prioritize safety and privacy, and an automatic gate barrier system is an effective solution to do so. Consider investing in one today to safeguard your premises and provide a secure environment for your employees and visitors. continue reading

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