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If you’re looking for an efficient and effective way to control access to your property, then you’re definitely in the right place! Gate barriers are an essential addition to any property – be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Are you looking parking gate barrier supplier in Dubai. Timevision one of the leading gate barrier installation company. We provide effective gate barrier system and effective gate barrier software application. Easily remote gate barrier arm and capture vehicle with number plate. You can get output result with xl-sheet and pdf format with vehicle picture and in and out time contact us get affordable price quote.


timevision one of the best parking gate barrier system installation company in UAE. we provide various parking gate barrier solution and world leading barrier system in your requirements. if you are looking barrier system. parking gate barrier system ensure your parking safety all times and control door access with authentic persons. our well trained technical team provide excellent parking gate barrier solution. gate barrier motors are widely used all residential building. more than 1000kg opening gate weight barrier system easily control with help of power gear motors. if you are looking barrier system in your residential and commercial building timevision one of the best place. we provide world leading barrier gate system, gate barrier motors and gate barrier bollards. loop detector, transmitter, receiver and control panel are inbuild installed barrier gate structure. you can easily control with remote sensor with your gate barrier remote or RFID and UHF cards. barrier gate opening time below 5 second based on gate weight and motor capacity. our technical team suggest world leading and excellent parking barrier solution in your residential buildings.

Product name : BFT – DEIMOS ULTRA BT parking gate barrier solution

Suitable for sliding gate barrier. Gate barrier weight up to 600 kg. gate opening time 10 to 15 second. BFT MITTO remote and RFID and UHF card are provide. maximum gate barrier opening speed 16sec/min. designed for residential and commercial building gate openings. 24 volts power motor inbuild installed. A smart torque management system based on microprocessor technologies. ultra torque motor control wear and team of door openings. BFT gate barrier motors provide maximum safety and perfect function of the equipment. loop detector easily detect any object move opening and closing gate time. when the time gate barrier are automatically reversible. ensure your safety with BFT gate barriers. Contact us get quote and installed effective gate barrier in your requirement. continue reading

Features of BFT sliding gate motor

  • Sliding gate weight up to 800kg
  • Gate opening time 10 to 15 second with help of barrier motor
  • Long rang reader – RFID card and UHF cards are provided
  • BFT MITTO remote are provided
  • Easily access long range reader
  • Personalized key provided
  • Control with program display
  • Magnetic limit switches are provided ensure the gate lock
  • parking barrier ensure your parking safety



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suitable for gate opening
gate weight up to 800kg
opening time 10 to 15 second
we provide effective gate barrier software and remote and RFID card

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