attendance punching machine system with attendance punching software


attendance punching machine system is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It helps automate time tracking, enforce attendance policies, and provide valuable insights into employee behavior. By using this type of software, businesses can save time, money, and reduce the likelihood of errors in attendance records.


attendance punching machine system

are you want attendance punching machine system in your company. timevision provide world leading attendance punching machine and excellent attendance punching software. time attendance system ensure your office work potential energy and easily calculate total employee working hours with over duty calculations. various employee shift and various work groups assign are available. our software developed team introduced new software development kits (SDK) you can easily integrated attendance punching machine to attendance reporting software.

attendance punching software

attendance reporting software easily calculate over all employee attendance log reports, late in employee and early out employee lists. cloud based attendance reporting software you can easily access anywhere of the places. we provide various attendance reports based on client requirements. attendance punching machine are also beneficial for door access control because they are easy to use. Authorized personnel simply need to present their card to a card reader, and the door will unlock automatically if they are authorized to enter. This eliminates the need for cumbersome keys or memorizing passwords, making the process of accessing restricted areas much smoother and more efficient.

attendance punching machine

attendance punching machine can help businesses save money. By automating time tracking, businesses can reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry. This can save HR professionals and administrators valuable time that can be used for more pressing tasks. Additionally, by identifying patterns of absenteeism or tardiness, businesses can reduce the impact of these issues on their bottom line. This can help businesses become more efficient and profitable in the long run. annual leave maintenance medical leave allowance all the attendance data reports are easily calculate.

attendance reports

  • over all attendance reports
  • late in employee lists
  • early out employee lists
  • events attendance reports
  • weekly, monthly attendance reports
  • violation attendance reports
  • first in and last out attendance employee lists
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