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access control supplier dubai | fingerprint access control system

Are you looking door access control device installation company in your requirements. Timevision one of the leading access control installation company. We provide IRIS-face recognition, fingerprint, RFID Card access control in your requirements. , door access control systems play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of people and assets. It is, therefore, essential to work with a reliable door access control supplier that will provide the right solution to suit your specific access control requirements. A Dubai-based access control supplier has a proven track record of delivering the best access control solutions, ensuing safety and security for individuals and communities.



access control supplier dubai

Access control supplier Dubai are you looking timevision one of the leading door access control system installer in UAE. Door access control systems have become increasingly important in recent times, especially with growing security concerns across the world. A door access control system is a security system that is used to regulate entry and exit to or from a building, room or restricted area. It ensures only authorized persons have access to an area. timevision one of the excellent access control supplier dubai. we provide world leading door access control machine and software. fingerprint access control system comprises different components, including the controller, the reader, the locking mechanism, and the software. There are a variety of door access control supplier and manufacturers that provide these components to create a reliable access control system. fingerprint access control system offer a wide range of door access control solutions, including biometric door access control, facial recognition, and smart card access systems.

fingerprint access control system

One of the best door access control suppliers is based in Dubai. The supplier offers various types of door access control systems that cater to different types of companies, buildings, and rooms. They provide biometric door access control systems to ensure secure and accurate identification of the authorized persons. This system may use fingerprints, retina scans, and facial recognition technology.

Device specification

Zkteco Pro-MA device are two way communication available. Easily you can speech door outside unauthorized person. Video communication is available in this device. connected to local area network. 2mp varifocal cameras are inbuild installed. you can easily capture authentic person. fingerprint door access terminal easily connected local area network and  door access control reporting software easily you can find out door access employee list with specific date and time. Zkteco introduced proma series door access control machine and multi biometric access control terminal. latest fingerprint sensor inbuilt installed easily duplicate punch and resist from water and dust. IRIS- face recognition sensor detect duplicate faces.

Device capacity

more than 10k fingerprint registration,  face template 30k and RFID cards 50k long storage available. 1 GB RAM inbuild installed and fingerprint high speed authentication you can easily control door access with authentic persons. TCP/IP device connection are available. easily connected with local area network and WIFI connections. magnetic lock connection exit button, alarm specification and door bell options are available. if you are looking door access control with time attendance device promo serious one of the best door access with attendance punching machine. continue reading click here

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two communication is available
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