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Structured cabling system Dubai-installation and service-timevisions

Timevision provide structured cabling system installation and services in your requirements. structured cabling back bone of your networking all desktop and ethernet connected with cabling standard. All data point to point cables are connected with networking room. Data cabling installation very essential for all networking. Timevisions one of the leading structured cabling installation companies in Dubai. we have more than 10 years’ experience in structured cabling installation field in various site conditions and various requirements. our technical team provide effective and excellent cabling standards. Timevision provide world leading structured cabling system components in your requirements. and leading structured cabling companies in Dubai.structured cabling system

Structured cabling system

Your business profile large and small but necessary of cabling installation in all business profiles. If your network cabling not properly installed it very difficult to network system manage. All business sectors are very essential for structured cabling installation or point to point data cabling installation. Timevision technical team well expert structured cabling installation and maintenance. Among other structured cabling companies our technical team suggest correct solution in your data cabling installation requirements. we installed all type of cables cat6, cat6a, unshielded twisted pair(UTP), shielded twisted pair(STP), wireless LAN, coaxial cabling, patch cards. Our work range from aerial cabling, subfloor cabling,  multifloored cabling, office cabling, CCTV cabling, voice and data cabling installation in your requirements.structured cabling

Structured cabling Dubai

Structured cabling defined as residential and commercial telecommunication data, voice, video, ethernet cable installation in various requirements. that cables are consist standardized small structured elements. Excellent structured cabling installation company that place go to timevisions. Our technical team support troubleshooting problem easily capture your discrepancy and solving as soon as possible. Our goal is providing excellent end to end data cabling in your requirements. we have experience and enterprise various sites like as schools, shopping malls, governments offices, and commercial areas.structured cabling companies in Dubai

Structured cabling system components

Three elements are main component of structured cabling patch panels, switches and trunks. The entire infrastructure of the system work on these cabling elements. For all the structured cable subsystems to work properly these elements are mandatory in all time. Main objective of network cable installation is improving your network speed. generally network speed calculate by megabits per second-Mbps. It depend upon how installed network cable and structured cable components. Widely network cable are connect from telecommunication and fiber-optic line. Large amount of data are used in point to point network connections is difficult to manage.  When relocation and moving of your business. When you installed structured cabling system. Your network must able to meet your requirements. different type of cable serves different functions. Structured cabling components are supporting voice, video and all type of application data.

Data cabling service

Data cables are back bone any network installations. Data are transmitted from one device to another device with help of data cabling installations. Network cable installation essential for commercial and residential all work sites. We provide excellent data cabling services in your requirements with affordable price. Data are transmitted from wire, cables and various physical medias data cable installation and maintenance is very important all sectors. Are you looking data cable installation company with affordable price that best place timevisions.structured cabling Dubai

Structured cabling companies in Dubai

system contain set of cabling standards. Various types of cable are used in structured cabling installation fields cat6, cat6a, cat5 and cat7 cable. Different cable is used different specification. Timevisions offer all type structured cabling with best market price. Our work ranges from commercial to residential data cabling installation in various site conditions. Our technical team excellent support to your requirements. cat6 cable are widely used in all networking cabling installation fields. Performance speed 500 MHZ approximately. Cable length are 100 meters approximately. Easily connect work station from server room. Timevisions fully experienced in data cabling installation field.

Features of cat-6 cables

  • Standardized twisted pair cables for ethernet or physical network connections
  • Standard specifies performance 500 MHZ
  • Affordable price but little expansive compare than cat 5 series cables
  • Maximum frequency is 500 MHZ
  • Maximum cable length 100 meters
  • Most efficient compare than cat5 cables

Structured office cabling

Our technical team well experienced in office structured cabling installation. End to end cable installation from networking room to workstation cables. Various type of cable cat5, cat6, cat6a, cat7 cable are used based on client requirements. we create access point whatever you want office areas we created as per client requirements. our team provide 2d and 3d drawing before execution of work easily identify access point and workstations.

  • Our team modern familiar of structured office cabling installation field
  • Fully support office infrastructure
  • Improve office aesthetic view of office interior
  • All work station cable is connected with IDF-Network Room
  • Our technical teams are very excellent working for various site condition
  • Cost effective-office structured cabling solution provider
  • Out technical team first visit office inside areas analysis all cable point and access points. Next submit 2d and 3d drawing for your office interior design.
  • Our range installation from testing and labelling correct access point with connect IDF room
  • Our structured cabling installation doesn’t affect any interior design of your office areas. Contact us get affordable price quote and installed structured cable in your office.point to point cable

CCTV cabling installation

Do you want improve your office, warehouses and commercial security timevision one of the SIRA (security industry regulation authority) approved CCTV and cabling installation company. We provide effective cabling solution for all network cabling installations.

  • Ensure your office security
  • Timevision technical team conduct initial site visit. After we suggest effective cable and security cameras view with proper camera angle and cable installation flow drawing
  • All access point calculates with specific color tag provide 2d drawing
  • Which type of cable are used in construction site and renovation work total calculated.
  • We provide separate drawing coverage areas and SSD (system sequence diagram) and SVG (scalable vector graphics). Easily find out camera’s coverage areas and specification.
  • Timevision installed complete surveillance system as well as move, replace all security point.


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