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Electronic gate barrier system installation in Dubai

Time Vision is one of Dubai’s leading electronic gate barrier system suppliers. Electronic gate barrier installation We have over 10 years of experience in parking barrier fields. Our technical team suggests an excellent gate barrier for your requirements. Our boom electronic gate barrier work ranges from residential, commercial, government offices, and malls.parking gate barrier system

Electronic gate barrier system

Ensuring smooth traffic flow and secure vehicle access is paramount. Gate barrier systems are a cornerstone of achieving this, and in the UAE, BFT, CAME, and FAAC are trusted brands.

Time Vision takes it a step further. We offer not only a world-class automatic barrier gate system, but also an advanced number plate recognition system that captures vehicle details and tracks entry and exit times. This data empowers you with total vehicle entry time analysis through our powerful gate barrier software.

With over 10 years of experience, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional parking gate barrier solutions. We prioritize exceeding expectations and ensure strict adherence to regulations set by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency of Dubai (SIRA).

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  • This data empowers you… (Connects the benefit of number plate recognition)
  • With over 10 years of experience… (Transitions to emphasize expertise)
  • We prioritize exceeding expectations… (Highlights commitment to customer satisfaction)

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Electronic Gate Barrier Supplier UAE

Secure your property with ease. Time Vision offers a wide variety of gate barrier systems to suit your specific needs. Unlike traditional fences and gates, automatic gate barriers provide ultimate convenience and enhance the aesthetics of your building.

These automatic systems, often featuring boom barriers, are powered by reliable 23V DC gearboxes for smooth operation. Long-range detectors ensure effortless entry – simply wave your RFID card within a two-meter radius for automatic door opening. Time Vision’s automatic barriers effectively manage even heavy traffic flow, improving accessibility for your parking area.

Looking for a more residential solution? We also offer swing gate barriers, perfect for securing your home or villa. As the leading gate barrier supplier, Time Vision guarantees the best price and expert installation. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Boom gate barrier

Ensuring top-notch parking security is no longer a hassle. Automatic barrier gate systems with integrated underplate recognition technology offer a powerful solution. These systems not only deter unauthorized vehicles from entering your lot, but also streamline access for authorized users. Motorized varifocal bullet cameras seamlessly capture vehicle license plates within a designated timeframe, triggering the barrier gate to open in seconds. This technology is a popular choice for parking areas of all types, with government offices finding it particularly beneficial for its added layer of security.

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BFT-moovi serious gate barriers –

  • Time Vision is one of the best gate barrier suppliers in the UAE.
  • We provide all types of BFT gate barriers for your requirements.
  • bft-moovi serious gate barrier arm varying from 3m to 8m depend on site condition.
  • Gate barrier arm opening is 1 second to 5 seconds, depending on the gate barrier gear motors.
  • Timevisions technical team suggests effective and suitable gate barriers for your requirements. continue readinggate barrier supplier uae

BFT-maxima ultra-serious

  • professional electromechanical barriers.
  • Arm opening time depend upon arm length, approximately 0.4 seconds to 1.2 seconds.
  • High-frequency 230V three-phase asynchronous motors are used.
  • Specially designed for a wide range of operation conditions.
  • The barrier arm length is 2.5 meters to 4 meters. Easily access dual access.
  • Green and red color LED light inbuild barrier arms. Power invertor inbuild gate barrier system.boom gate

BFT-sliding gate motors –

  • Sliding gate weight up to 800kg.
  • Gate opening time 10 to 15 second with help of barrier motor.
  • Long rang reader – RFID card provided. BFT MITTO remote are provided.
  • Easily access long range reader. Personalized key provided. Control with program display.
  • Magnetic limit switches are provided to ensure the gate lock. continue reading

BFT Giotto gate barrier series:

  • 230V power supply process.
  • Recommend high-traffic vehicle flow areas.
  • Barrier opening time: 2 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • easily manage high-traffic-volume areas. we suggest office entrances, warehouses, parking areas, and security gate areas.
  • BFT Giotto spare parts are made of high quality, and we provide an affordable installation price.

BFT-Gate barrier remote control:

  • BFT-Gate barrier remote controller (Mitto).
  • 433 MHz rolling code remotes for automatic gates.
  • Complete range of remote controls. 433MHz rolling code. Available with 2 or 4 channels.

CAME gate barrier is serious:

  • 24 V DC operator with Advanced Speed Control.
  • Tested for intensive use of 300 cycles/hour with MCBF 1,5 million cycles.
  • Cabinet available in galvanized steel and painted RAL2004, AISI 304 steel, or in customized color.
  • Control board with a display designed to connect to the Cloud via CAME Connect.
  • Accessories that can be integrated directly into the cabinet. High visibility white signaling LED on the boom. continue reading

FAAC gate barrier serious –

  • Maximum Anti-crushing safety and motor with integrated encoder.
  • Speed adjustment and smooth operation.
  • The integrated control unit in the upper part of the beam body and easy maintenance and intuitive programming.gate barrier system

Residential swing gate barriers –

  • Swing mechanic device made from high-quality die-cast aluminum.
  • Ensure the maximum strength and resistance over time.
  • Provide maximum comfort and silent opening and closing gates. Key are provided easily operate.
  • The gate opening speed is 7 sec to 10 seconds. We provide long-range reader

Sliding gate motors –

  • Sliding gate weight up to 600kg. Gate opening time is 7 to 10 seconds with the help of a barrier motor.
  • Long-range reader – RFID card provided. BFT MITTO remotes are provided.
  • Easily access long-range readers. Personalized key provided.
  • Control with program display. Magnetic limit switches are provided to ensure the gate lock. continue reading 

how to install a gate barrier system

Streamline access control with our easy-to-install gate barrier systems! Each product comes with detailed data sheets, ensuring you have all the information you need. Our experienced technical team will then work closely with you to recommend and install the perfect barrier gate for your specific needs.

We offer a wide variety of barrier gates, including swing gates, garbage bin access gates, and arm barriers, alongside powerful barrier gate motors. Time Vision doesn’t just sell products – we suggest effective barrier gate installations tailored to your unique requirements. Our expertise extends from residential properties to bustling commercial and government offices, even shopping malls. With over a decade of experience navigating diverse site conditions and locations, you can trust our team. In fact, following a comprehensive site survey, our technicians can provide detailed AutoCAD drawings, including both 2D and 3D visualizations, showcasing the exact footprint and specifications of your chosen barrier gate.

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  • Highlighted the value-added service of AutoCAD drawings.

how to open barrier gate remotely

For enhanced security at your premises, Time Vision offers a comprehensive gate barrier system. The system begins with the installation of a long-range loop detector to sense approaching vehicles. Additionally, an RF-card reader is integrated for access control. Radiofrequency cards and remotes are provided by Time Vision upon registration. Once registered, you can conveniently operate the gate barrier remotely from a designated distance. Time Vision caters to diverse needs, offering systems with automatic number plate recognition alongside remote and RFID card access functionalities.

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