What is an access control system?

What is an access control system?

What is an access control system?

what is an access control system? The Biometric access control system always ensures your office security. Electromagnetic mechanism with 12V power supply connected in magnetic lock. All employees’ fingerprints are registered on a single device. Once office employee they will entire office. Easily access the door at a specific time. fingerprint registered with specific time easily capture all employee in and out time with office duty hours. We provide web-based door access control software for door access management. Door access control always ensures your office security.What is an access control system?

Access control system

Main objective of access control system is protecting office safety all times with access control device. Easily connect more than door with one access control device. And we can set door access specific time and specific doors. Easily registered all employees RFID card with help of access control software. Different types of door access methods are available. Like RFID card, fingerprint, face recognition. More than thousands of doors easily accessed by specific and authorized persons can be controlled by single door access software via IP networking.

Door security access control system supplier

Access control systemTimevision is one of the leading and excellent door access control suppliers in UAE. We have more than one decade of experience in a door access control system. Our technical team suggest an efficient door access control machine in your requirements. door access control system widely used all industry. Easily access the door authorized person and ensures office safety all times. If you are looking door access control system supplier in your requirements timevision is best access control supplier in all UAE region. Our technical team suggest excellent access control machines in various site conditions.

Door access control system for office

Electromagnetic locks are widely used in all office areas and commercial buildings. Electro-magnetic concepts are used in the door access control installation field. Most of the office industry time attendance devices and access control devices are installed single device. Easily capture employee attendance registrations once entry the door. This punch is called first in time. Intermediate punch easily captures and easily calculates interval break time.  Timevision developed time attendance management software to easily manage all employee attendance registration and door access control system.Door access control system for office

Door access control solutions

RFID card door access control device is widely used in all industries. Easily connect more than one door with a single device. The Timevision technical team suggest excellent door access control solutions for your requirements. Access control magnetic lock- magnetic locks are used in all access control systems. Access control magnetic lock connects with direct current easily door access and ensures your office security. Access cards- otherwise called “electrical key” access cards used by authorized persons. Card readers- card readers are installed inside of the door access machine. It can read access cards RFID. Access control keypads- addition features of this device easily enter numerical password already registered one. Door access control device and software easily connect device and access control software. Timevision IT teams are provided device communication software. This software is used to easily connect the device and your PC. Easily calculate in and out time employee and employee access door time lot of features are available in this software. Zkteco, Honeywell, Hikvision, virdi door access control device and software are widely used in all industrial areas. Timevision IT team developed device communication through reporting software for access control system. Easily connect all devices in separate IP addresses and connect local area network. If you are searching for door access control and software timevision the best place.

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