Time suite – Time Attendance Mobile Application software

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Time suite – Time Attendance Mobile Application software

Time suite: Time Attendance Mobile Application software

Time Vision Security System developed a Time Suite mobile application for time attendance management. This software easily calculates attendance. Sometimes employees go to outside site visits, meetings, and some office-related programs. This mobile application easily calculates attendance in all locations with the help of specific location

Time attendance software and mobile applications

This mobile application was developed by the Time Vision security system. It is only made for outside time attendance management with the help of the GPRS system. Contact us to demo the mobile application for your office requirements. A lot of features are available in mobile applications to easily find out employee locations. Once the employee submits the attendance report via mobile application. Managers and higher officers approved the attendance or reject options available in the mobile application.

Easily track the mobile location in specific regions with the help of Google Maps. The Time Suite mobile application is user-friendly. Easily calculate all-month attendance reports in and out of time with specific details. Ensure the attendance calculation with employee attendance registration. Get the mobile application for your company’s attendance management easily and effectively.

Features of mobile application software

  • Easily enroll attendance wherever you go outside of office work
  • Ensure your attendance registration with Google map
  • Specify the in and out time with the current location
  • Update attendance approval, pending or disapproval of your higher officer
  •  This mobile application software is user-friendly, has a low storage area, and is suitable for Android and iOS.
  • Contact us to get a quote and install a biometric time attendance device and mobile application software

For enquiry

Mail to: sales@timevisionsme.com

Website: https://timevisionsme.com


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