Biometric time attendance system Dubai

timevision one of Zkteco time attendance supplier. we provide excellent time attendance software for payroll attendance management system. Technology has revolutionized traditional ways of employee attendance monitoring, and your business can’t afford to be left behind. One of the most innovative and secure ways to monitor employee attendance is through a fingerprint time attendance system.



Timevision one of the best time attendance system installation company. we provide world leading excellent time attendance machine and software for payroll attendance management. Our well software development team introduced time attendance reporting software. you can easily find out late in, early out employee’s attendance report with specific time. are you looking excellent attendance system supplier timevision one of the best place.

time attendance software  

  • timevisions security system developed time attendance software for attendance management system lot of feature available in this software
  • All employee attendance registration in single device
  • Total employee attendance report converts to pdf or excel format
  • Weekly once or month end all employee attendance report automatically generate registered mail id or register WhatsApp number
  • You can easily assign various shift timing in and out time categories – specific features available in time attendance software
  • Total medical leave and annual leave detection salary report
  • Employee leave permission and higher officer approval status dialogue features available
  • Out excellent software development team help us easily maintain software and update software based on client requirement.

Time attendance machine

  • timevision one of the excellent attendance system supplier
  • Device name; Zkteco Facekiosk H13A
  • Very large display 360x50x1420 (l x b x d) all dimension millimeter
  • like as small display of PC improve aesthetic view of your office
  • 5G data connection is available easily connect your office WIFI connections
  • More than ten thousand employee attendance register easily
  • Multiple verification mode available
  • Mechanical device easily access during pandemic mask detection and palm detection available
  • 2 megapixel wide dynamic range camera easily capture your face with mask
  • 16 GB ROM memory storage all employee attendance registration fingerprint, face-IRIS, palm and RFID cards
  • 2 GB RAM memory help to easily access all data’s with specific time
  • One employee attendance punch registration in morning shift time with in one second approximately. Easily employees traffic control in shift in and out time.
  • Contact us get affordable price quote and installed time attendance device with excellent software
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  • timevision one of the excellent time attendance system installation company we provide excellent time attendance software. I-face time attendance – Biometric time attendance

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multiple variation mode available
large quantity employees attendance register in single device
large display
timevision provide effective attendance software for attendance management system

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