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time attendance installation company are you looking? timevision provide world leading time attendance machine and software provided. our IT-support team developed new and excellent time attendance reporting software for payroll based time attendance software. different time attendance device are used different purposes based on site conditions. our technical team suggest which one for right your business. for more time attendance device click here


Are you looking biometric time attendance machine installation company in Dubai. Timevision one of the leading time attendance system supplier and installation company. attendance system easily capture every employee’s attendance report with specific in and out time with help of fingerprint and face- recognition sensors. if you have calculate total employee attendance system report easily you can got it. timevision provide excellent time attendance software for your attendance management system. the main benefits of time attendance machine using workplace you can easily calculate total employee attendance report, over time, various shift working employee details.  different types of biometric attendance system device are used. timevision technical team provide best-world leading time attendance machine and right for your business and suitable biometric attendance device.

employee in and out time capture time attendance machine. you can easily improve working hours and employee productivity all working days. also you can easily find late in and early out employee details with specific time. time attendance also improved your revenue of your company and save money with help of biometric attendance device and system. attendance machine

Device name : Zkteco-MB560-VL

multi-identification biometric time attendance device. latest algorithm and facial recognition technology are used. easily detect duplicate fingerprint and face-recognitions. highly sensitive sensor are easily capture employee face-identification with 2 meter distance from biometric device. especially suitable for government and semi-government offices. world leading 3d-neuron fingerprint algorithm inbuild used. best fits for various working environment and stratifying different industries customers.

  • Multiple verification mode is available
  • long range employee face capturing available distance up to 2 meters
  • 2mp wide range camera inbuild installed
  • Supplement light are provided
  • Face template capacity 3k
  • Fingerprint template capacity 3k
  • RFID capacity 6k
  • high speed verification
  • world leading -3d-neurn fingerprint algorithm device
  • device communication TCP/IP and WIFI connection
  • time attendance system continue reading
  • working of time attendance system click here

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Zkteco MB560-VL

we provide biometric time attendance software for attendance management.
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