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office door access control system | biometric access control system

Are you looking door access control device installation company in your requirements. Timevision one of the leading access control installation company. We provide IRIS-face recognition, fingerprint, RFID Card access control in your requirements. benefits of using access control system in Dubai. you have landed at right place. Timevision is all about automatic doors, pedestrian access system.



office door access control system

office door access control system widely used all companies. ensure your office security and door access with authentic person. timevision provide world leading biometric access control system in your requirement. various types of access control system available. fingerprint, IRIS-face recognition, RFID-cards and password authentication methods are used. more than one doors are easily connected with door access controller. various time and employee shift assign in office door access control system. you can easily capture employee in and out time with access control machine. The supplier also provides a smart card access system as an alternative to biometric access control. These systems work by using a card or token that has an electronic code or symbol programmed into it. The smart card must be presented to the reader, which will then grant access if the card is authorized. Smart card access systems prove to be an efficient and cost-effective method for controlling access.

biometric access control system

Main advantage of biometric access control system easily detect duplicate fingerprint and face recognition access.  Another type of door access control system provided by the supplier is a facial recognition system. This technology uses artificial intelligence to scan and recognize human faces, verifying their identity before granting access. This system is considered a more advanced solution to traditional biometric access control technology.

Device specifications

  • multi-biometric with RFID card door access control device
  • more than 10k fingerprint, face recognition template registration available
  • intercom video door station
  • two way audio and one way video connection inbuild installed
  • remote unlock / lock function
  • TCP / IP – networking connection available easily connected with local area network LAN
  • timevision provide cloud based time attendance with door access control software. you can find out in and out employee list with accurate time and date

Zkteco notus device are two way communication door access control intercom device. two way audio communication easily help to Easily you can speak door outside unauthorized person. Video communication  are also available in this device. easily configure IP-address via LAN network and WIFI connection are inbuild. 2mp varifocal motorized camera detect duplicate registration and obtained from high resolution video and images. door access control systems play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of people and assets. It is, therefore, essential to work with a reliable access control supplier that will provide the right solution to suit your specific access control requirements. continue reading click here

Additional information

Zkteco notus

microphone and camera available in the access control device
2 way communication available
2mp WDR camera are easily capture the unauthorized person.

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