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timevision one of leading biometric time attendance punching machine installation company in UAE. we provide attendance excellent attendance punching machine with attendance reporting software. biometric time attendance installation essential for all companies and industries. you can easily find out every employee attendance reports with in seconds. timevision IT-developed team introduced new cloud based attendance reporting software. right place you are landing time attendance machine installation in your requirements.


hand punch time attendance system

hand punch time attendance system installation essential for all industries, commercial offices. timevision one of the excellent world lading punching attendance system supplier in UAE. we provide cloud based attendance reporting software you can easily connect various offices and branches in your PC. hand punch time attendance system directly capture employee in and out time with help of fingerprint, face recognition. are you looking attendance management system with attendance reporting software that right place you are landing. cloud based attendance reporting software and mobile application we provide. you can easily track employee attendance registration. We provide you the latest technology with the wide range of our products & Terminals with best customer support. we always ensure customer requirements at our first priority about our Biometric Products and technical Enterprise. we always do beyond client’s expectations. we also provide centralized identity access control system that can be directly interlinked to the server which can also be used for Time Attendance .Because we always focus on integrating any kind of system such as Biometric, Long Range RFID, IRIS Technology, etc., to the technical Enterprise by means of Web Based Solutions. We offer a wide range of solutions for our customers that helps overcome the impossibilities that current generation are faced up with. Our Access Control Solutions should be an easy & Interactive way for customers about the Security & Protection.

punching attendance system

Punching attendance systems are an essential tool for companies of all sizes. These systems are designed to track and manage employee attendance, making it easier for employers to ensure they have an accurate record of attendance for payroll purposes. A time attendance system typically involves the use of an attendance punching system or an attendance machine, which can be placed at various locations within the workplace. Employees simply insert their ID cards or key in their unique code to register their attendance. The data collected by the attendance machine is then fed into attendance reporting software, which can be used to generate reports on employee attendance levels, overtime, and productivity. This not only enables employers to identify trends in attendance and absenteeism but also helps identify employees who may need additional training or support. Ultimately, using a punching attendance system can help businesses optimize employee productivity and performance while ensuring everyone is fairly compensated for their time and effort. face recognition and fingerprint punching attendance system widely used for tracking attendance reporting system.

Hand Punch Time Attendance System Dubai :

  • Affordable networkable solution
  • Accurate verification in any conditions
  • Antimicrobial protection
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