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timevision one of the leading Time Attendance System Company – Our Team excellent Services To Meet Your Needs. To Record the Employees in and out Time and Control the Door with Secure. we provide time attendance reporting software contact us get affordable quote.



Are you looking for a biometric time attendance supplier in Dubai. timevision one of the best and excellent biometric time attendance machine installation company in UAE. We provide excellent time attendance software. Lot of features inside the time attendance software. You can easily calculate total employee attendance report with in and out time. Biometric time attendance devices are widely used by all companies and industry easily ensure work potential energy all times. Various shifts assigns and various employee groups assign in this software you can easily calculate daily, weekly, and monthly attendance report in various shift. Timevision developed new time attendance reporting software. We have one decade experience time attendance installation field lot enquiry we have solved time attendance installation field from human resource manager and employees. Our IT team developed web-based attendance management software to easily calculate total attendance report in various employee conditions. Timevision provides two-time attendance software. The first one is device communication software it can used capture the whole employee in and out time punch. various punches option available interval punch lunch break and site visit punches are available. All specific attendance data collected to reporting software it can use of trigger.

Device name – Virdi U-Bio-X-probiometric time attendance machine


  • fingerprint and face recognition terminal
  • high speed face and fingerprint matching
  • patented fake fingerprint time face recognition detected
  • 2MP varifocal and motorized camera easily capture employee faces
  • high performance 1.0 GHZ quad core CPU
  • large touch scree 5″ inches
  • android 6.0 based intuitive GUI
  • 2 GB RAM are installed inbuild
  • device dimension 150x200x202 (wxhxd)
  • maximum user capacity 5,00,000 – large user capacity available
  • optical fingerprint sensor are used in time attendance system.
  • operating system 6.0 installed
  • large memory capacity – ROM-16 GB and RAM-2 GB
  • high performance matching face detection capacity
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