BFT Gate barrier supplier in Dubai

  • BFT giotto gate barier series with 230V power supply process
  • Recommend high traffic vehicle flow areas
  • Barrier opening time 2 second to 4 second
  • easily manage high traffic volume areas
  • we suggest office entrance, warehouse, parking areas, security gate areas
  • BFT giotto spare parts are made with high quality and we provide affordable installation price


Timevision one leading bft gate barrier supplier in Dubai. Bft giotto barrier serious with 230V power supply process. With include three phase motors and inverter. Fast opening of 3m arm at 2 second and 6m arm at 4 second. Giotto gate barrier widely used in heavy flow vehicle areas. This giotto gate barrier suitable for fastest opening gate barrier entrance. We recommended office entrance, warehouse, parking areas, security areas, private villa.

Additional information

BFT gitto gate barrier 30/60

Fastest opening gate barrier
Recommended for heavy vehicle flow areas
opening time 2 second to 3 second only

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