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Have you ever wondered how a sliding barrier gate operates? Well, you’re not alone! A reliable automatic sliding barrier gate is an essential element for many properties nowadays, such as residential communities, government headquarters, and commercial buildings.


Sliding gate barrier

Timevision one of the leading Automatic sliding parking gate barrier installation company Dubai. We provide effective and excellent parking barrier Dubai. our technical team suggest excellent parking barrier in your requirement. automatic sliding parking gate barrier widely used all residential and warehouses. timevision provide world leading parking barrier. different types of barrier gate system used. automatic number plate recognition, RFID cards and remote control gate barrier system. barrier gate system ensure your parking security all times. motorized varifocal camera installed gate barrier opening place automatically capture every vehicle number plate if required. probably barrier gate motors are installed sliding residential and apartment buildings. easily control vehicle access with authentic persons. more than 800 kg gate weight controlled single phase gate barrier motors. gate barrier gate structure installed easily and ensure your parking safety if are looking parking barrier dubai and sliding gate barrier installation company in UAE. timevision one of the best place.

Product name : BFT DEIMOS BT A (Sliding gate  barrier motors)

BFT DEIMOST BT A gate barrier is widely used all residential gate opening areas this mechanical device easily assessable for 600 to 800 kg-gate weight. Gate opening speed 16sec per minutes based on gate barrier length. barrier gate opening with access of remote control RFID card and loop detectors. improve your parking security access and astatic view. barrier gate motor made by die cast aluminum and easily resist wear and tear. high traffic barrier opening available with help of gear barrier gate motors. contact us get affordable price quote and installed gate barrier in your requirements. sliding barrier working principle video parking barrier Dubai

  • BFT gate barriers are widely used in all barrier openings. We provide sliding gate barrier in your requirements
  • Features of the gate barrier motor
  •  Complete gate weight up to 600 kg
  • Suitable for residential parking areas
  • Gate opening speed 16m/sec
  • Power supply 24 Volts
  • We provide card reader with accessible 3 to 4 meter surround the gate opening areas
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Sliding gate barrier

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