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timevision one of the excellent gate barrier supplier and installation company in Dubai we provide world leading barrier gate system. timevision provide high reliable and functional automatic gate barrier system supplier for your security purposes. barrier gate supplier are you looking timevision best place


timevision one of the excellent automatic gate barrier system supplier in UAE. our technical team well experienced in commercial and government office barrier gate installation various site conditions. if you are looking best gate barrier system supplier in Dubai. timevision one of the best place you go to. we provide world leading automatic gate barrier system in your office and commercial areas. barrier gate system widely used all industries and sectors. they ensure your parking safety all times with out manpower and energy. various types of gate barrier system used in barrier gate installation fields remote, UHF cards and automatic number plate recognition cameras  used. timevision provide leading barrier gate system in your requirement with affordable price. timevision provide high reliable and functional Automatic gate barrier system supplier for your security purposes. A boom barrier also called as boom gate system. timevision one of great barrier gate supplier in UAE with affordable price.

Product name : Moovi-60

Description :

control unit with programming display and dual channel receiver inbuild installed gate barrier. barrier arm opening speed less than 1.5 seconds with connected power engine motor. barrier length connected two way line up to 6 meters. entry and exit path area covered with single gate barrier arm. BFT always provide safe transmitter use the rolling code system. completely secure and easily connected to authentication. different remote control function used to each uses.

The system coding for direct cloning of remote control Based on microprocessor technology, this system allows the cloning of remote control. the first remote control and second one the correct code which is automatically saved in the receiver the first time it is used. Everything occurs at the highest levels of security all times. uses of the rolling code safe transmission system. sensitive edges are used arm exterior coting and green and red led light inbuild connected to system. heavy engine motor connected with 110V power supply. mechanical locking system easily open and lock management. barrier gate supplier continue reading

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BFT Moovi60

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