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The fingerprint attendance system or commonly known as the fingerprint attendance machine system, is an advanced technology used in offices and schools for punching time attendance. This system has replaced the traditional way of attendance keeping, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. The fingerprint attendance system operates on biometric technology, which means that it captures the fingerprints of the employees or students and stores the data electronically. Are you looking effective biometric time attendance machine timevision one of the best place.


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timevision one of the leading attendance system dubai installation company. we provide world leading time attendance punching machine and attendance reporting software. you can easily download monthly attendance reports. various shift assign options, multiple location offices attendance reports, over duty hours calculations easily you can calculate. biometric attendance punching machine widely used all companies and industries you can easily find out employee attendance reports based on payroll attendance management. are you looking attendance system dubai based installation company timevision one of the best place. Time attendance installation is essential for all companies in today’s world to ensure accurate recording of employee attendance. The traditional approach of manual attendance record keeping is prone to errors and inaccuracies. Therefore, companies have started adopting automated attendance systems that use biometric attendance punching machines that can accurately record the attendance of employees. These systems are equipped with advanced features such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and smart card-based verification that eliminates the possibility of proxy attendance. Biometric attendance punching machines are quick and easy to use, and they allow employees to check in and out of work effortlessly, reducing the time required to manage attendance records.

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biometric attendance punching machine easily capture every employee attendance reports with in and out time. timevision developed time attendance reporting software you can easily find out late in and early out employee attendance reports with help of biometric system. zkteco provide mask detection and multi special speed face serious attendance devices. device are easily capture every employee attendance reports. features of  speed face attendance punching device

  • biometric time attendance device easily connected with LAN local TCP / IP
  • mask detection and employee body temperature detection are available
  • multiple verification attendance management system
  • touchless biometric authentication available like palm authentication
  • inbuild installed supplement light are installed
  • speed face time attendance machine are fully updated lot of smart features are available. and you can detect employee high temperature.
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Zkteco speed face H5L

face, fingerprint, ID card, palm recognition is available.
timevision provide effective biometric time attendance software for attendance management contact us get demo software

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