Door access control solution timevision security system

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Door access control solution timevision security system

Door access control solution: Time vision security system

Door access control systems are widely used in all offices, houses, and security-purpose areas. The Time Vision security system provides effective access control for your requirements. We have more than 10 years of experience in the door access control installation field. We suggest an efficient door access control device for your requirements.

Door access controller device

We provide a door access controller device. This device easily controls more than two doors with a single access control device. Access control systems ensure safety at all times in your office areas. We provide an effective and affordable price access control system for your requirements. Various types of access control devices are available on the market, like HID, Idemia, Farpointe Data, Invirium, and Zkt Eco.

Door access control easily controls which person enters the room. It is widely used in all office areas, like the manager’s room, account room. Door access devices are easily accessible for all doors on a single device at a specific time. To create a specific time, some employees enter a specific room. The door access controller provides this type of specification in your office.

Access control installation

The Time Vision technical team will provide door access control installation according to your requirements. Some clients are requesting our technical team’s biometric time attendance device and door access control with a single device. Time Vision provides biometric time attendance and door access control on the same device. We provide effective time attendance management software for attendance management.

We provide RFID, IRIS, face recognition, and biometric door access control devices for your requirements. RFID card easily access door entrances, but fingerprint and face recognition systems ensure advanced office security. We provide effective door access control devices for your requirements at affordable prices; contact us to get a quote.

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