Biometric time attendance face recognition machine in Dubai

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Biometric time attendance face recognition machine in Dubai

Biometric time attendance face recognition machine in Dubai

Timevision one of the leading biometric time attendance machine installer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and UAE. We provide effective time attendance management software for attendance management. The software helped to attendance management for company employee daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports. Easily maintain the employee attendance report and monthly and vacation leaves. This software mush more important of your company employee payroll method. Demo software free for your convenient click here continue reading

Facial recognition and fingerprint and access card machine :

Biometric time attendance facial recognition machine are widely used all company employee attendance management. The positive result after installation biometric time attendance machine is efficient work on going in company. Employee are punch fingerprint and facial recognition at correct in and out time.

Attendance management software :

You can easily calculate the monthly attendance management for payroll. Medical leave and vacation leave easily maintain. This software help to easily management employee attendance. Easily update company employee attendance in and out time in your mobile phone with time. Employee are easily apply medical and vacation leave in mobile phone. That message easily forwards the human resource officer and company manager. Employer easily get medical and vacation leave with effective biometric time attendance software.

Biometric attendance machine :

biometric time attendance device

Now a days different type of biometric attendance machine are available in market. Attendance machine specification differ from one device to another device. Biometric attendance software manage the attendance device effectively. All the attendance repots are easily download with specific data like as in and out time monthly vacation leave with HR and manager approval or disapproval.

Timevision developed biometric time attendance facial and fingerprint software for attendance management. This software used to user-friendly and positive feedback from the HR and company manager. Easily manage the total employee attendance management with particular data.

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