Automatic parking gate barrier supplier in Dubai

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Automatic parking gate barrier supplier in Dubai

Automatic parking gate barrier supplier in Dubai

Automatic boom gate barrier systems find wide application in construction sites, hotels, and residential and commercial buildings for controlling vehicle access. Gate barrier ensure security of building and vehicle. Easily access the parking areas. Different type of gate barrier available in market but we suggest effective parking barrier based on client requirements. BFT Moovi-30 gate barrier arm 3 meter is only used for one lane gate way purpose. BFT Moovi-60 gate barrier arm 6 meter is used two way. Gate barrier opening time varying from one boom barrier to another barrier moovi 30 gate barrier opening time 4 second to 6 second. Heavy traffic area we should recommended maxima type gate barrier. Timevision provide effective and efficient gate barrier system for your requirements. Free site visit contact us.

BFT maxima ultra gate barrier

The BFT Maxima Ultra gate barrier secures heavy traffic areas like restaurant and commercial parking lots. Gate barrier arm up to 8 meter arm opening time 5 second to 8 second 240Volts DC power motor easily adjust the vehicle traffic time vision provide gate barrier remote and access card get free quote for gate barrier installation in your site requirement

Card reader gate barring

Card reader gate barring widely used in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Emirates. We install card readers at the entrance of the parking gate and provide remote controls that operate within a 3-meter radius. These remote controls significantly reduce the time it takes to open the gate. Time vision provide effective parking gate barrier reader in your site free quote contact us.

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Free site visit. Timevision more than one decade experience in gate barrier installation field different site situation we provide effective efficient parking gate barrier in your requirement contact us get the quote. We provide best price gate barrier installation based on your requirement.

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